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Food for Thought

There are several foods, drinks and vitamins that can help you attain lucidity and/or make your dreams more vivid. Here are some that I’ve found.

Pure fruit juice
Apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, whatever you fancy. Try drinking two large glasses of juice—no additives!—before bed. Throw in a few ice cubes for good measure. This should make your nervous system stay active while your body’s muscles relax. You should find yourself having lucid dreams in no time.

Vitamin B
This vitamin doesn’t cause lucidity, but it produces some pretty vivid dreams. But no worries! Remembering dreams is one of the biggest components of attaining lucidity, after all.

Peppermint Tea
This helps increase lucidity.

Food with high salt content
Pretzels, beef jerky, salty peanuts. The sodium will help increase the vividness of your dreams.

Try popping a clove before bed and you might just pop into a lucid dream!

It sounds gross, I know, but eat a tablespoon of mustard before bed and it should help trigger lucid dreams. It may take up to three tries, so stay patient and persistent if you don’t get lucid right away.

Some other random foods you might try: pickles, ice cream, milk, cheese, bananas, popcorn.

How do you fly?

There are several ways people fly in dreams. I throw my legs and arms back as if I’m pushing myself through the air.  Here are some other common techniques:

-Legs back and arms forward, kind of like Superman!

-Growing wings.


-Jumping and drifting. This way is like an astronaut with no gravity.

-Running, jumping and flying. This helps you build up momentum.  

-Swimming in the air like a fish.


-Jumping from a high spot and wish for the best.



How do you fly in dreams? I’d love to know!

Not bad at all

Not bad. I recalled three dreams from last night, even though the second one is just a small fragment.  I’m upset with myself for not recognizing that I was dreaming while I was flying. That’s my biggest dream sign yet it didn’t trigger lucidity.

I surprised my family by flying home and visiting while on vacation from school. I sat surrounded by my parents and sisters. My nieces walked into the room and I hugged them and tightly held them both for a long time. Tears streamed down my face as I thought about how much I love and had missed my family.


I Brush Alone
“Will you come brush your teeth with me?” Tony asked. “I like it when we brush them together.”

I  laughed. “No,” I said. “You know what happens when we brush our teeth together.”


End of the World
My parents moved into a big apartment. It seemed to have to have as many as ten bedrooms as well as a few large, beautiful bathrooms, a dining room the size of a large kitchen and a huge kitchen and living room.

Tony and I decided to move in with my parents. The place was big enough and we would have our privacy.

One evening around dusk, I took a walk down the street along the sidewalk. The ground shook and the cement began to crack and crumble into the Earth. I looked around—I was alone. I quickly went home to warn everyone that we were on the brink of disaster.

“Tony! Wake up!” I shook him. “You need to get everyone and get out—now! The ground is caving in.” He didn’t believe me.

We walked into the living room and looked out the windows. “It’s happening down there,” I said, pointing out a window to our left.

Tony and I went outside. We saw masses of people running toward us in horror to flee for their lives.

“What the . . .” Tony’s voice faded in disbelief. We could see dust billowing from the Earth’s surface. 

“Go get everyone out, now! I’m going back to go check it out,” I said as I began to fly over everyone’s heads.

Tony smiled.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, knowing that he was smiling because I could fly. “Pretty cool, huh?” I flew off, leaving Tony behind.

Check your reality at the door.

So how do I become lucid in my dreams?

There are several techniques, but the most common method is a DILD, Dream Induced Lucid Dream.

But how do I DILD?

It’s simple. But it can take a lot of practice. You have to teach yourself  how to check for signs that you are sleeping while you are awake. When dreaming, most people act in ways as if they were actually awake. If you train yourself to do these reality checks (RCs) then you will be able to catch yourself dreaming.


Here are a few basic RCs:

Watch/Clock Check. Look at the time, look away, and then quickly look back at the time again. If has changed drastically (first it said 7:53, now it says 5:32), then you’re dreaming.


Reading Reality Check. Look at words, look away, and then quickly look back at the words again. If the letters have changed (“Welcome to Alaska” changes to “The Muppets Take Manhattan”), then you know you’re dreaming.

Light Reality Check. Turn the lights on and off. Most of us are unable to control the light level in our dreams. So if you turn the light switch off and nothing happens, then you’re dreaming (or your light bulb burned out).

Memory Reality Check. Think back and recall everything you did that day. By doing this, you’ll become aware if you’ve done anything unreasonable and you can tell when you’re dreaming.

Nose Reality Check. Close your mouth and pinch your nose. If you can still breathe, then, yup, you’re dreaming.

Finger Reality Check. Try poking your index finger through your palm of the opposite hand. If your finger goes through your palm, then—you got it—you’re dreaming!


Excuse me? I don’t think so.

I encouraged this dream myself.

I’ve been talking to Tony about wanting to get a puppy a lot for the past, like, month. Yesterday when we were walking around the mall, I was telling him that the humane society has adorable puppies to adopt.

Yesterday at work, I was talking to my co-worker about babies. We said that we don’t want to rush into having them, but we feel like we’re going to be too old before we start popping them out.

Dream 1:

Tony and I adopted a puppy. He was light tan with a dark brown ring around his left eye. He fit comfortably in my hands when I cupped them together. Our puppy was tiny and adorable and I loved him to death!

All of a sudden, Tony and I had a baby. I was so happy but overwhelmed that I now had a baby human and a baby dog to tend to and care for.

Tony and I were at the grocery store with our baby and our puppy. I was pushing the shopping cart with one hand and holding the puppy with the other, all while the baby was lying in the baby seat of the cart.

Tony wandered off to get what I thought to be unnecessary groceries.

The puppy jumped out of my arm and ran around to the other aisle. Leaving the baby alone in the shopping cart, I ran after the puppy. I realized that I left the baby alone but figured he would be fine for a few minutes (yeah, I’m a great dream-mommy).

I found the puppy. He was playing with other shoppers. I crouched down to pet him with the others.

Tony came walking toward me. My initial thought was that he was going to be incredibly angry that I left our baby by himself in the other aisle. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to mind either.


Moral of the story: Puppys are a better choice for Meg and Tony right now. I’m sure all will agree.

So Far From Home

I am homesick and it’s affecting my dreams.

Dream 1:

I was home in New Hampshire, at my old apartment on Silver Street where I grew up. I was in my old bedroom going through my belonging I left behind, deciding what I wanted to bring and what I wanted to continue to leave behind. I found a bunch of DVDs and sorted through them.

Tony said it was time for us to leave so I went to say goodbye to my mum. I hugged her tight, nestled my head on her shoulder and sobbed. I knew it would be a long time until I saw her next.

The odd thing is that in my dream, I only lived an hour and a half away, as opposed to twenty hours and 1,100 miles.

I’m magical!

I had this dream Saturday morning.

Dream 1:
One of my former friends was a hooker. She was trying to seduce my dad. He wasn’t interested in her offers but she apparently didn’t understand.

She and I were exercising outside. We showered together to rinse off the sweat. While showering, she said something about wanting to sleep with my dad. Disgusted by her talking about screwing my father and annoyed that she wouldn’t leave him alone, I left.

The next thing I know, I was in a big backyard with my family. Lisa was cooking a smorgasbord of food for everyone. We were supposed to be having a reunion. I talked to Lisa as she stirred food in a pot.

As I turned around, I saw my youngest niece, Sophia. I became so overwhelmed with joy. I hadn’t seen either of my nieces in what seemed like an entire year. Sophia ran over to me and I scooped her up in my arms, hugged her tightly and cried. I never wanted to let her go.

“Grandma left,” Lisa said to Dad.

“She couldn’t even fucking wait to eat with us. I hate her!” Dad said. All of our relatives on his side of the family left without saying goodbye. I was sad I didn’t get to see them.

The scene shifted and I remember being by an indoor pool. I was still with my family and an additional guy was with us now. Bad guys were chasing us. The guy seemed to be hovering above the water while I was in it.

“Look! I’m magical. I can save us!” I said. They didn’t believe me. Here is where I became slightly lucid.

I submerged myself under the water, eyes fully open, looked right at the guy and said, “See. I’m fine.” I took a deep breath. It was as if I were breathing air. No one even noticed.

I came up from under the water. “Fine. Then watch this. I can change things, too.” I made all of the water disappear. They noticed that the water was gone, but didn’t notice how it happened. I grunted.

“You better watch out because I’m making it come back now,” I said. I was irritated that no one cared.

I lost my lucidity as I wasn’t able to make the water come back. I tried to get the water to come back two or three more times before I woke up.

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