Why Dream Journals?

Some might think that keeping a dream journal is trite and corny, but it actually helps with recalling your dreams. You exercise and train your mind to remember your dreams. There are several reasons to enhance your recall.

Dream recall is a crucial element in LD’ing. If you can’t remember an LD, how can you develop your skills? Dream journals are essential to lucid dreaming.

They are a form of entertainment. I’ve had some really outlandish dreams that were so funny, I’ve woken myself up laughing on several occasions.

Most of us spend six to eight hours a night sleeping. That’s a third of our day, which means we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Dream journals help us to remember the third of our lives that most of us forget about.

We often have recurring dreams with underlying messages. Recording these dreams can help us decode the message and perhaps solve a problem in our waking lives.

Paul McCartney, Mary Shelley, Steven King, and Abraham Lincoln—among others—were inspired by their dreams. Maintaining a dream journal and enhancing your recall could do the same for you, too!

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