I can’t remember dreams. And I can’t think of a title for this post.

I’ve been struggling with remembering my dreams lately. Sometimes when I try too hard, I don’t recall anything. Also, my alarm has been startling me awake for the past week. That has been wiping my dreams completely clear from memory.

Here are two snippets that I do remember:

Early Sunday morning, I was dreaming about poking Tony in the face. I woke myself up by the movement of actually poking him in the face. I asked him later that day about it and he had no idea what I was talking about.

This morning, I had a vague memory of being in a living room with my sister, Lisa. Her daughter, Sophia, was in the next room playing with the door closed. I heard a bang and then I heard Sophia crying. I ran into the room, picked her up and comforted her.



  1. MikeL Said:

    Yay for the blog…

    I have that very often. Trying to hard to recall often leads to nothing…but not trying feels silly.

    There’s gotta be a middle ground. I seem to be pounded by recall when I least expect it.. Currently mulling over a set of dreams(one of which I became lucid in my car) which put me in a pretty low mood for the day.

    reality check

    • Meghan Wolff Said:

      Right before I started the blog, I had several vivid dreams and remembered lots of details. Now that I’m putting in effort, I can’t remember hardly anything. I feel like I should go back to not trying and see what happens.

      How did becoming lucid put you in a low mood? Or is it the set of dreams that is causing your mood?

      I really should start getting back into RC’s.

  2. MikeL Said:

    The content of the dream caused a bad mood…It began as one of those dreams where you wake, and reality felt no where near as good as the dream seemed to be.

    An “Aw sh-t why am I still dreaming that” moment promptly followed by a bad mood. Lol.

    Nevertheless as I was driving down my dream street, something didn’t feel quite right, I realized I hadn’t seen the person(that I was with a few moment before) in several months…and had no reason to…and my car seemed to be floating a little..and I did a watch reality check…it read two different times..one of which was something like “00:.1”.. a definite dream sign. I think after I was lucid, I was trying to find an uh-attractive “activity” partner..but even though aware I was dreaming I was still driving pretty properly.

    I’m going to add it to my journal I think now that I’ve refreshed it.

    Surely a good idea to get back into RC’ing..not compulsively but every once in a while…for me, my thought process when doing an RC is more important than the number of them I do. Sometimes I just feel like I’m “in the lucid mode”..that it’s so easy..but other times the opposite.

    Anyway. yeah. (lucid) dreams.

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