Flash Backforward

I was too busy Friday to post this but I wrote it down on paper at work so I didn’t forget. This is the dream I had Thursday night/Friday morning.

Dream 1:
This is somewhat hard to explain. I was living in the apartment on Silver Street where I grew up. I lived there with my parents and both of my sisters just like when we were growing up, but we were our current ages. We were all grown up. But there were no nieces and no brother-in-law. They didn’t exist. It was as if we were living ten years in the past, but our ages hadn’t changed.

Mum and I were watching TV in the living room. Dad was waiting for our show to be over so he could play Super Nintendo. Lisa and Cassie were eating lunch in the kitchen.

“It’s not done!” I yelled as Dad turned the Super Nintendo on. “I need to see next week’s previews!” I ran into my bedroom to watch it on my TV.

“It was over by the time I finally got the TV on the right channel,” I whined like a spoiled brat.

I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Cassie was sitting at the table by the doorway to the living room. Lisa was sitting at the table by the refrigerator.

“I need to heat this up,” Lisa said as I went to put my lunch the microwave. She tilted a small, black plastic bowl so I could see the contents. It looked like a large cheese-stuffed pasta shell covered in marinara sauce.

“Ham hocks! Ham hocks!” Lisa repeated over and over again, laughing hysterically. I laughed at her goofiness and happily let her use the microwave.

I sat biting my fingernails off at the kitchen table. I was happy just being there with my two sisters.


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