I’m magical!

I had this dream Saturday morning.

Dream 1:
One of my former friends was a hooker. She was trying to seduce my dad. He wasn’t interested in her offers but she apparently didn’t understand.

She and I were exercising outside. We showered together to rinse off the sweat. While showering, she said something about wanting to sleep with my dad. Disgusted by her talking about screwing my father and annoyed that she wouldn’t leave him alone, I left.

The next thing I know, I was in a big backyard with my family. Lisa was cooking a smorgasbord of food for everyone. We were supposed to be having a reunion. I talked to Lisa as she stirred food in a pot.

As I turned around, I saw my youngest niece, Sophia. I became so overwhelmed with joy. I hadn’t seen either of my nieces in what seemed like an entire year. Sophia ran over to me and I scooped her up in my arms, hugged her tightly and cried. I never wanted to let her go.

“Grandma left,” Lisa said to Dad.

“She couldn’t even fucking wait to eat with us. I hate her!” Dad said. All of our relatives on his side of the family left without saying goodbye. I was sad I didn’t get to see them.

The scene shifted and I remember being by an indoor pool. I was still with my family and an additional guy was with us now. Bad guys were chasing us. The guy seemed to be hovering above the water while I was in it.

“Look! I’m magical. I can save us!” I said. They didn’t believe me. Here is where I became slightly lucid.

I submerged myself under the water, eyes fully open, looked right at the guy and said, “See. I’m fine.” I took a deep breath. It was as if I were breathing air. No one even noticed.

I came up from under the water. “Fine. Then watch this. I can change things, too.” I made all of the water disappear. They noticed that the water was gone, but didn’t notice how it happened. I grunted.

“You better watch out because I’m making it come back now,” I said. I was irritated that no one cared.

I lost my lucidity as I wasn’t able to make the water come back. I tried to get the water to come back two or three more times before I woke up.



  1. Wendy Said:

    Cool blog! I like hearing others talk about their lucid dreams. In my experience writing down dreams each morning serves as a kind of warm up exercise to facilitate the writing process (referring to your About page). By the time you get to the story you’re working on you’ve already unravelled the subconscious.

  2. Meghan Wolff Said:

    I most definitely agree, Wendy. Writing my dreams down makes me think about the meaning of the dreams so I know how to explain them. And explaining the dreams clearly require good writing skills. Writing my dreams is definitely a way to help enhance my creative writing. When it comes to writing them down, I often think about whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. My dreams really happened, but they aren’t real life. Which is it? 🙂

  3. Wendy Said:

    Good question. Fiction generally deals with events that are not true at the time they are being written. But in many respects our dreams contain nonfictional aspects…they happened as far as our memory is concerned. Perhaps we can arrive somewhere in between and call our dreams semi-fiction, a fiction that implements a large amount of nonfictional traits. Thoughts?

  4. Meghan Wolff Said:

    Hmmm . . . semi-fiction is good. But what about lucid dreams? Regular dreams we cannot control, so that is more like fiction. But if we can control our dreams when we are lucid, would that be considered nonfiction, you think?

    • Wendy Said:

      Of course, dreams are always hard to classify. Nevertheless, whether they are lucid dreams or not, the experience itself takes place in the world of the imagination. And this is the world fiction addresses.
      I’d like to know more about why you think ‘control’ is the main factor in determining whether the dream experience is a kind of fiction or nonfiction. Very interesting…

  5. Meghan Wolff Said:

    I think I will turn this into a blog topic. For a few years, I’ve been wanting to write a book based on my dreams. It made me stop and think what genre dream writing falls under.

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