Please blink and drive responsibly

If we are driving down a road with two lanes going in the same direction and you don’t use your blinker, how am I to know that you want to get into my lane? I don’t. I’m not a mind reader. We have a turning signal in our vehicle for a reason. Please utilize it. I don’t know what you are doing unless you give me fair warning.

Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve been down here in Savannah for long enough to know who the ignorant people are on the road. I am a mind reader.

When we are driving side by side and you start speeding up, I know that you’re going to try and pull the douche bag move of cutting me off without signaling. You do not have my permission. So I speed up. I match your speed or even drive slightly faster than you.

If you unknowingly do something out of pure ignorance that will undoubtedly piss me off—such as cut me off without using your blinker(something you are required to do as a driver)—then I will do something entirely knowing that will hopefully piss you off—such as prevent you from cutting into your desired driving lane. It is a game for me now.

Think smarter, not harder, folks. I’m from New England. My level of douche baggery is greater than yours. Please blink and drive responsibly.

Step 1: Located your turning signal.

Step 2: Turn the switch in whichever direction you need to turn.

Voila! You're signaling to turn. RESULTS MAY VARY.

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