Savannah Driving Games

So you know those white lines in the road? You know the ones you’re supposed to stop at when approaching a red light. I like to see how close I can stop to those white lines without going past them.

Why am I making a point to write about this? Because there are so many people who don’t know how to make a left-hand turn. What they do know how to do is drive on the wrong side of the road. They take their half of the road out of the middle.

Go ahead and hit me. Do it. I dare you.

But really, learn how to drive properly would you.

And don’t get me started on those who don’t use their turning signals . . .


  1. Elizabeth Said:

    You’re so much braver than me! I’ve nearly been hit many times and I could still see the white line in front of me! Especially turning left onto Louisville from MLK.

    Now I stay far, far back…

    • Meghan Wolff Said:

      Haha well I’d be afraid of them hitting me, but I have car insurance so it would get covered either way. How’s your summer going?

  2. Elizabeth Said:

    I’m taking 3D and my boyfriend is gone for the summer…so that sucks. But I started a new internship at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits…and that doesn’t suck so much!


    • Meghan Wolff Said:

      Congrats with the internship! What are you doing there?

      I’m taking 3D too and then Online Math. Still working at my marketing internship at Georgia Heritage Federal Credit Union.

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