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What a horrible dream!

I called Lisa last night at 9:32 PM. She gets out of work at 9 PM and is home by 9:10-9:15 PM. When I called, Brian said she wasn’t home yet and he’d have her call me when she gets home.

She never called back.

Last night I had a very realistic dream that Lisa died. I don’t remember now what the circumstances of her death were, but she was dead nonetheless. The feelings, thoughts and emotions of having lost my oldest sister were so realistic that I woke up still overwhelmed by it all. I almost called her on my way to work to see if she was alright.

But I never called her.

The last time I had a dream about her or one of the girls and called her to talk about it, she laughed at me. I love my sister, but she lacks compassion and sympathy.

I’m thinking about why Lisa never called me back last night, and the reason is probably because Brian never told her that I called.