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It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

I’m living on Silver Street in the house I lived in for 14 years in New Hampshire. My parents, Lisa, our dog Shadow—he passed away last August—and Cassie’s dog Buster are there.

I go outside and begin walking down the street toward town. I see Lisa sitting on a lawn chair in our neighbor’s driveway with the two dogs. As I walk down the street toward Lisa and the dogs, I notice the clouds are dark and low and they are starting to form the shape of a tornado.

I stop. My breath is quiet and shallow. I stand completely still as I see the clouds form a gigantic tornado about thirty feet to my left. The tornado cuts through the houses on the opposite side of the road from me, heading away from town. I hear screaming and crying.

I beg Lisa to go inside. It’s not safe. My mother is in the backyard now, leaning against the fence that separates the neighbor’s driveway and our backyard. I beg them both to go inside.

I see several tornados in the sky. One forms and speeds head-on in my direction. My feet can’t move. “Please go inside!” I yell over the wailing winds of the tornado. Just before it reaches me, the tornado jumps over my head and avoids me completely.

Lisa and my mother won’t go inside. I give up and run in the house. My father is sitting in the living room playing video games. I quickly tell him what’s going on and run down the basement stairs.

The stair’s railing is low. I’m able to lie on the ground and hug it. For some reason, I feel like this will keep me safe. I close my eyes. The house begins to shake and I feel a cool wind whip across my back. I know a tornado just went through my house and holding onto the railing saved me.

Lisa and my mother finally come down into the basement. Everything is quiet for a minute. My grandfather appears and says that everything is alright now. The tornados are gone, he says.

I wake up hugging my pillow the same way I was hugging the railing.

Tornados in New England? Doesn’t happen. But it did in 2008. This short video confirms 9 in NH Towns.

The Sky Is Falling

I was standing on the front steps of an old Victorian house. Tony was on the sidewalk. Lisa and Dad were behind me on the porch. The night air was refreshing and cool. The sky was perfectly clear. The stars brightly shimmered as we talked about nothing specific.

I stopped talking and looked up to the sky. “I just saw a shooting star!” I gasped. Tony, Lisa and Dad looked up. They didn’t see anything so they began talking to each other again.

“Look! There are a few more shooting stars!” I said with a look of amazement on my face. The stars looked as if they were falling straight down to Earth. Tony, Lisa and Dad looked up to the sky. Still, they saw nothing.

Tony, Lisa and Dad were talking to each other again. They must have thought I was crazy by now—getting excited over nothing. Everything went silent. I could see their mouths moving. Tony, Lisa and Dad were still holding their conversation. They were unaffected, but I couldn’t hear them. I stared up at the thousands of beautiful stars when, all of a sudden, they fell straight toward Earth, leaving just ten stars in the sky.

I started to panic.

“Tony, you have to get up here!” I yelled, tugging on his left arm to get him under the porch for safety. “The stars—they just disappeared. They’re going to fall on us!” I imagined in my head thousands of softball-sized rocks engulfed in flames heading straight for us. Doom—impending doom. I could feel my heart pounding, trying to escape my chest for a safer place to hide.

We all looked up at the sky and saw emptiness. Tony ran onto the porch when he realized what was happening. The stars finally made it to the Earth’s surface, landing directly in front of us. But instead of thousands of flaming rocks, they were thousands of beautiful crystals the size of half dollars. The crystals rolled down the street, pouring from the sky, as if they were a gift from spirits.

I ran off of the porch and down into the pool of crystals. Overwhelmed by happiness, I examined their luster. So this is what stars look like, I thought to myself. How silly I must have looked for freaking out like that. I laughed until I woke up.

Not bad at all

Not bad. I recalled three dreams from last night, even though the second one is just a small fragment.  I’m upset with myself for not recognizing that I was dreaming while I was flying. That’s my biggest dream sign yet it didn’t trigger lucidity.

I surprised my family by flying home and visiting while on vacation from school. I sat surrounded by my parents and sisters. My nieces walked into the room and I hugged them and tightly held them both for a long time. Tears streamed down my face as I thought about how much I love and had missed my family.


I Brush Alone
“Will you come brush your teeth with me?” Tony asked. “I like it when we brush them together.”

I  laughed. “No,” I said. “You know what happens when we brush our teeth together.”


End of the World
My parents moved into a big apartment. It seemed to have to have as many as ten bedrooms as well as a few large, beautiful bathrooms, a dining room the size of a large kitchen and a huge kitchen and living room.

Tony and I decided to move in with my parents. The place was big enough and we would have our privacy.

One evening around dusk, I took a walk down the street along the sidewalk. The ground shook and the cement began to crack and crumble into the Earth. I looked around—I was alone. I quickly went home to warn everyone that we were on the brink of disaster.

“Tony! Wake up!” I shook him. “You need to get everyone and get out—now! The ground is caving in.” He didn’t believe me.

We walked into the living room and looked out the windows. “It’s happening down there,” I said, pointing out a window to our left.

Tony and I went outside. We saw masses of people running toward us in horror to flee for their lives.

“What the . . .” Tony’s voice faded in disbelief. We could see dust billowing from the Earth’s surface. 

“Go get everyone out, now! I’m going back to go check it out,” I said as I began to fly over everyone’s heads.

Tony smiled.

“Yeah, I know,” I said, knowing that he was smiling because I could fly. “Pretty cool, huh?” I flew off, leaving Tony behind.

Excuse me? I don’t think so.

I encouraged this dream myself.

I’ve been talking to Tony about wanting to get a puppy a lot for the past, like, month. Yesterday when we were walking around the mall, I was telling him that the humane society has adorable puppies to adopt.

Yesterday at work, I was talking to my co-worker about babies. We said that we don’t want to rush into having them, but we feel like we’re going to be too old before we start popping them out.

Dream 1:

Tony and I adopted a puppy. He was light tan with a dark brown ring around his left eye. He fit comfortably in my hands when I cupped them together. Our puppy was tiny and adorable and I loved him to death!

All of a sudden, Tony and I had a baby. I was so happy but overwhelmed that I now had a baby human and a baby dog to tend to and care for.

Tony and I were at the grocery store with our baby and our puppy. I was pushing the shopping cart with one hand and holding the puppy with the other, all while the baby was lying in the baby seat of the cart.

Tony wandered off to get what I thought to be unnecessary groceries.

The puppy jumped out of my arm and ran around to the other aisle. Leaving the baby alone in the shopping cart, I ran after the puppy. I realized that I left the baby alone but figured he would be fine for a few minutes (yeah, I’m a great dream-mommy).

I found the puppy. He was playing with other shoppers. I crouched down to pet him with the others.

Tony came walking toward me. My initial thought was that he was going to be incredibly angry that I left our baby by himself in the other aisle. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to mind either.


Moral of the story: Puppys are a better choice for Meg and Tony right now. I’m sure all will agree.

So Far From Home

I am homesick and it’s affecting my dreams.

Dream 1:

I was home in New Hampshire, at my old apartment on Silver Street where I grew up. I was in my old bedroom going through my belonging I left behind, deciding what I wanted to bring and what I wanted to continue to leave behind. I found a bunch of DVDs and sorted through them.

Tony said it was time for us to leave so I went to say goodbye to my mum. I hugged her tight, nestled my head on her shoulder and sobbed. I knew it would be a long time until I saw her next.

The odd thing is that in my dream, I only lived an hour and a half away, as opposed to twenty hours and 1,100 miles.

I’m magical!

I had this dream Saturday morning.

Dream 1:
One of my former friends was a hooker. She was trying to seduce my dad. He wasn’t interested in her offers but she apparently didn’t understand.

She and I were exercising outside. We showered together to rinse off the sweat. While showering, she said something about wanting to sleep with my dad. Disgusted by her talking about screwing my father and annoyed that she wouldn’t leave him alone, I left.

The next thing I know, I was in a big backyard with my family. Lisa was cooking a smorgasbord of food for everyone. We were supposed to be having a reunion. I talked to Lisa as she stirred food in a pot.

As I turned around, I saw my youngest niece, Sophia. I became so overwhelmed with joy. I hadn’t seen either of my nieces in what seemed like an entire year. Sophia ran over to me and I scooped her up in my arms, hugged her tightly and cried. I never wanted to let her go.

“Grandma left,” Lisa said to Dad.

“She couldn’t even fucking wait to eat with us. I hate her!” Dad said. All of our relatives on his side of the family left without saying goodbye. I was sad I didn’t get to see them.

The scene shifted and I remember being by an indoor pool. I was still with my family and an additional guy was with us now. Bad guys were chasing us. The guy seemed to be hovering above the water while I was in it.

“Look! I’m magical. I can save us!” I said. They didn’t believe me. Here is where I became slightly lucid.

I submerged myself under the water, eyes fully open, looked right at the guy and said, “See. I’m fine.” I took a deep breath. It was as if I were breathing air. No one even noticed.

I came up from under the water. “Fine. Then watch this. I can change things, too.” I made all of the water disappear. They noticed that the water was gone, but didn’t notice how it happened. I grunted.

“You better watch out because I’m making it come back now,” I said. I was irritated that no one cared.

I lost my lucidity as I wasn’t able to make the water come back. I tried to get the water to come back two or three more times before I woke up.

Flash Backforward

I was too busy Friday to post this but I wrote it down on paper at work so I didn’t forget. This is the dream I had Thursday night/Friday morning.

Dream 1:
This is somewhat hard to explain. I was living in the apartment on Silver Street where I grew up. I lived there with my parents and both of my sisters just like when we were growing up, but we were our current ages. We were all grown up. But there were no nieces and no brother-in-law. They didn’t exist. It was as if we were living ten years in the past, but our ages hadn’t changed.

Mum and I were watching TV in the living room. Dad was waiting for our show to be over so he could play Super Nintendo. Lisa and Cassie were eating lunch in the kitchen.

“It’s not done!” I yelled as Dad turned the Super Nintendo on. “I need to see next week’s previews!” I ran into my bedroom to watch it on my TV.

“It was over by the time I finally got the TV on the right channel,” I whined like a spoiled brat.

I went into the kitchen to get something to eat. Cassie was sitting at the table by the doorway to the living room. Lisa was sitting at the table by the refrigerator.

“I need to heat this up,” Lisa said as I went to put my lunch the microwave. She tilted a small, black plastic bowl so I could see the contents. It looked like a large cheese-stuffed pasta shell covered in marinara sauce.

“Ham hocks! Ham hocks!” Lisa repeated over and over again, laughing hysterically. I laughed at her goofiness and happily let her use the microwave.

I sat biting my fingernails off at the kitchen table. I was happy just being there with my two sisters.

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