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I was driving back to work yesterday from the Pooler Walmart when I stopped at a red light on US-80. A rusty, white truck filled with 15 guys in their mid-20s made a left turn at the intersection into the direction I was heading.

Seriously, there were guys spewing out of this truck everywhere: in the cab, in the bed of the truck, on the toolboxes in the bed of the truck, on each other’s laps. Well, I don’t know about the lap part, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

The guy sitting on the passenger’s side of the truck dangled out the window and motioned with both of his hands as if he were pushing something down as the truck was turning. And all of the guys were looking in my direction. I didn’t know what was going on. Should I be flattered, scared, offended?

I looked at the car to my left and there were two old, black people sitting in it. And the vehicle to the left of the car was an 18-wheeler. I didn’t know what to think.

As the truck continued to turn, the guys sitting in the bed of the truck all started yelling something and a few made the hand motion of pushing something down too. When the truck finished turning into my lane on the other side of the intersection, it swerved into a BP. The guy who was dangling out the window jumped out of the truck and started hauling ass in my direction. I mean he was really running fast!

I started to get scared so I locked my car door. The guy pushed down the front hood of the car to my left, closing it for them because it was unlatched.

An act of random kindness.

That’s what the hand motions and yelling were all about.

I drove past the truck-o-guys and smiled at them through my laughter.