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Food for Thought

There are several foods, drinks and vitamins that can help you attain lucidity and/or make your dreams more vivid. Here are some that I’ve found.

Pure fruit juice
Apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, whatever you fancy. Try drinking two large glasses of juice—no additives!—before bed. Throw in a few ice cubes for good measure. This should make your nervous system stay active while your body’s muscles relax. You should find yourself having lucid dreams in no time.

Vitamin B
This vitamin doesn’t cause lucidity, but it produces some pretty vivid dreams. But no worries! Remembering dreams is one of the biggest components of attaining lucidity, after all.

Peppermint Tea
This helps increase lucidity.

Food with high salt content
Pretzels, beef jerky, salty peanuts. The sodium will help increase the vividness of your dreams.

Try popping a clove before bed and you might just pop into a lucid dream!

It sounds gross, I know, but eat a tablespoon of mustard before bed and it should help trigger lucid dreams. It may take up to three tries, so stay patient and persistent if you don’t get lucid right away.

Some other random foods you might try: pickles, ice cream, milk, cheese, bananas, popcorn.