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The Sky Is Falling

I was standing on the front steps of an old Victorian house. Tony was on the sidewalk. Lisa and Dad were behind me on the porch. The night air was refreshing and cool. The sky was perfectly clear. The stars brightly shimmered as we talked about nothing specific.

I stopped talking and looked up to the sky. “I just saw a shooting star!” I gasped. Tony, Lisa and Dad looked up. They didn’t see anything so they began talking to each other again.

“Look! There are a few more shooting stars!” I said with a look of amazement on my face. The stars looked as if they were falling straight down to Earth. Tony, Lisa and Dad looked up to the sky. Still, they saw nothing.

Tony, Lisa and Dad were talking to each other again. They must have thought I was crazy by now—getting excited over nothing. Everything went silent. I could see their mouths moving. Tony, Lisa and Dad were still holding their conversation. They were unaffected, but I couldn’t hear them. I stared up at the thousands of beautiful stars when, all of a sudden, they fell straight toward Earth, leaving just ten stars in the sky.

I started to panic.

“Tony, you have to get up here!” I yelled, tugging on his left arm to get him under the porch for safety. “The stars—they just disappeared. They’re going to fall on us!” I imagined in my head thousands of softball-sized rocks engulfed in flames heading straight for us. Doom—impending doom. I could feel my heart pounding, trying to escape my chest for a safer place to hide.

We all looked up at the sky and saw emptiness. Tony ran onto the porch when he realized what was happening. The stars finally made it to the Earth’s surface, landing directly in front of us. But instead of thousands of flaming rocks, they were thousands of beautiful crystals the size of half dollars. The crystals rolled down the street, pouring from the sky, as if they were a gift from spirits.

I ran off of the porch and down into the pool of crystals. Overwhelmed by happiness, I examined their luster. So this is what stars look like, I thought to myself. How silly I must have looked for freaking out like that. I laughed until I woke up.