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It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

I’m living on Silver Street in the house I lived in for 14 years in New Hampshire. My parents, Lisa, our dog Shadow—he passed away last August—and Cassie’s dog Buster are there.

I go outside and begin walking down the street toward town. I see Lisa sitting on a lawn chair in our neighbor’s driveway with the two dogs. As I walk down the street toward Lisa and the dogs, I notice the clouds are dark and low and they are starting to form the shape of a tornado.

I stop. My breath is quiet and shallow. I stand completely still as I see the clouds form a gigantic tornado about thirty feet to my left. The tornado cuts through the houses on the opposite side of the road from me, heading away from town. I hear screaming and crying.

I beg Lisa to go inside. It’s not safe. My mother is in the backyard now, leaning against the fence that separates the neighbor’s driveway and our backyard. I beg them both to go inside.

I see several tornados in the sky. One forms and speeds head-on in my direction. My feet can’t move. “Please go inside!” I yell over the wailing winds of the tornado. Just before it reaches me, the tornado jumps over my head and avoids me completely.

Lisa and my mother won’t go inside. I give up and run in the house. My father is sitting in the living room playing video games. I quickly tell him what’s going on and run down the basement stairs.

The stair’s railing is low. I’m able to lie on the ground and hug it. For some reason, I feel like this will keep me safe. I close my eyes. The house begins to shake and I feel a cool wind whip across my back. I know a tornado just went through my house and holding onto the railing saved me.

Lisa and my mother finally come down into the basement. Everything is quiet for a minute. My grandfather appears and says that everything is alright now. The tornados are gone, he says.

I wake up hugging my pillow the same way I was hugging the railing.

Tornados in New England? Doesn’t happen. But it did in 2008. This short video confirms 9 in NH Towns.

The Sky Is Falling

I was standing on the front steps of an old Victorian house. Tony was on the sidewalk. Lisa and Dad were behind me on the porch. The night air was refreshing and cool. The sky was perfectly clear. The stars brightly shimmered as we talked about nothing specific.

I stopped talking and looked up to the sky. “I just saw a shooting star!” I gasped. Tony, Lisa and Dad looked up. They didn’t see anything so they began talking to each other again.

“Look! There are a few more shooting stars!” I said with a look of amazement on my face. The stars looked as if they were falling straight down to Earth. Tony, Lisa and Dad looked up to the sky. Still, they saw nothing.

Tony, Lisa and Dad were talking to each other again. They must have thought I was crazy by now—getting excited over nothing. Everything went silent. I could see their mouths moving. Tony, Lisa and Dad were still holding their conversation. They were unaffected, but I couldn’t hear them. I stared up at the thousands of beautiful stars when, all of a sudden, they fell straight toward Earth, leaving just ten stars in the sky.

I started to panic.

“Tony, you have to get up here!” I yelled, tugging on his left arm to get him under the porch for safety. “The stars—they just disappeared. They’re going to fall on us!” I imagined in my head thousands of softball-sized rocks engulfed in flames heading straight for us. Doom—impending doom. I could feel my heart pounding, trying to escape my chest for a safer place to hide.

We all looked up at the sky and saw emptiness. Tony ran onto the porch when he realized what was happening. The stars finally made it to the Earth’s surface, landing directly in front of us. But instead of thousands of flaming rocks, they were thousands of beautiful crystals the size of half dollars. The crystals rolled down the street, pouring from the sky, as if they were a gift from spirits.

I ran off of the porch and down into the pool of crystals. Overwhelmed by happiness, I examined their luster. So this is what stars look like, I thought to myself. How silly I must have looked for freaking out like that. I laughed until I woke up.

Shooting Zombies

I moved into an RV and I was trying to put my pots and pans away in the tiny kitchen. My new home was in a rural neighborhood, as if it were an ordinary house with a white picket fence and front lawn. It was midday and I just remembered I still had to shower and get ready for work. I knew I had to leave soon and began to worry that I would be late. I told myself I would unpack for a few more minutes and then quickly shower.

Outside my RV in the distance, I heard strange humanlike moaning sounds. I looked out the window and saw a swarm of zombies slowly dragging their feet down the street in my direction. For whatever reason, I thought the best thing to do was to go outside.

The next thing I remember, zombies trying to attack me surrounded me. A nearby, uninfected friend threw me a gun. This black and gray Nerf gun looked like a compacted shotgun.

I cocked my gun and began firing at the attacking zombies. The blue, laser bullets exploded out like a machine gun. I wasn’t scared. Shooting the zombies was fun, like a video game.

After ten minutes, I yelled over to my friend, “O.K. I have to get back inside! I need to get ready for work” She helped me make my way to my front door by shooting the zombies and clearing a path in font of us. I continued to shoot them from behind to keep us safe. Just as I opened the door, I woke up.