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Check your reality at the door.

So how do I become lucid in my dreams?

There are several techniques, but the most common method is a DILD, Dream Induced Lucid Dream.

But how do I DILD?

It’s simple. But it can take a lot of practice. You have to teach yourself  how to check for signs that you are sleeping while you are awake. When dreaming, most people act in ways as if they were actually awake. If you train yourself to do these reality checks (RCs) then you will be able to catch yourself dreaming.


Here are a few basic RCs:

Watch/Clock Check. Look at the time, look away, and then quickly look back at the time again. If has changed drastically (first it said 7:53, now it says 5:32), then you’re dreaming.


Reading Reality Check. Look at words, look away, and then quickly look back at the words again. If the letters have changed (“Welcome to Alaska” changes to “The Muppets Take Manhattan”), then you know you’re dreaming.

Light Reality Check. Turn the lights on and off. Most of us are unable to control the light level in our dreams. So if you turn the light switch off and nothing happens, then you’re dreaming (or your light bulb burned out).

Memory Reality Check. Think back and recall everything you did that day. By doing this, you’ll become aware if you’ve done anything unreasonable and you can tell when you’re dreaming.

Nose Reality Check. Close your mouth and pinch your nose. If you can still breathe, then, yup, you’re dreaming.

Finger Reality Check. Try poking your index finger through your palm of the opposite hand. If your finger goes through your palm, then—you got it—you’re dreaming!